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[ # ] Lance Bass reveals that he did not get The Brady Bunch house
August 5th, 2018 under Lance Bass, The Brady Bunch

It has been an emotional 24 hours for Lance Bass and Brady Bunch fans. On Friday night, he found out he had placed the winning bid for the iconic house, but then on Saturday, he was told he was outbid by a studio. I am assuming the studio is Paramount.

The singer was told by the real estate agent, Douglas Elliman, that no matter how much he bids that that studio will continue to one-up him. If I were Bass, then I would get all of his friends to contribute, This way that the deal becomes very costly for the studio. Heck, I will throw in a few bucks because I would love to tell the world that I am a part owner of The Brady Bunch House. I am sure I am not the only one. Every friend and family member I have taken there gets some joy from seeing it in person. It is a truly great experience.

Hopefully, whoever bought this house will take good care of it and tear down that fence. But we all know, the new owner will not love it as much as Bass would have loved it.

When it comes to the family, they never appreciated the house. They built a fence in front so that fans could not get too close. Then when Florence Henderson died, they kept removing the flowers that were left outside the makeshift memorial. Who does that? They are mean. They are as mean as school bully Buddy Hinton.


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