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[ # ] Lance Bass needs your help to beat his boyfriend
August 11th, 2006 under Lance Bass

I need your help in a fundraising effort. Reichen and I have joined a friend of our’s team for the Aids Walk LA.  We are in a competition with each other to see whos myspace buddies will donate the most. I would love it if you could sponsor me this year. I have a modest goal of $5000. All that means is out of the thousands of you.. 500 only need to donate a little ole $10 bill! "what’s that Lance? Only $10?! I find that much lying in a gutter!" So please help by clicking on this link 2006 AIDS Walk Los Angeles – Sponsor Participant and type in my name.  With your help we can raise a lot of money for this organization.. and better yet kick R’s ass! And if you feel torn between supporting me or Reichen you can do $5 to mine and $5 to his.  I guess that’s only fair.   AND if you are in the area you should wak the walk! It will be a lot of fun and an amazing experience.  Thanks! LB

P.S. Now I see you cant just donate $10 sorry… maybe you can find 2 other friends and do a group donation? And totally understand if you cant! I know what its like to be the poor college kid!

Lance Bass’ MySpace blog 

I will be donating because it is for a good cause! 


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