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[ # ] Kitchen Nightmares returns to Amy’s Baking Company tonight!
April 11th, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay

Kitchen Nightmares is back on Fox tonight at 8p and they are returning to their biggest nightmare yet.
Last season, the show ended with Gordon Ramsay walking out on Amy’s Baking Company because he felt he couldn’t help them. Tonight, the show does a follow-up and we see if they took any of his advice.
First we look back at the much talked about episode. Then we see how news stations around the country covered the show and the restaurant. After we see their audition tape and never before seen video from his visit there, it is time to see what they are up to today.
Let’s just say, they are making a profit off of selling stuff related to things that were said on that episode. But besides that, are they still in business? Have they changed? Are Sammy and Amy still together? Have they forgiven Gordon Ramsay? How many waitresses have they gone through since he visited there? Is he still keeping tips?
All of these questions will be answered and so much more. So make sure to tune because it is a Kitchen Nightmares you can’t miss.
BTW I still don’t get why Fox held this series until so late in the season. KN is one of the best shows they have on their air, so much better than the stuff that has aired instead of it.


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