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[ # ] The Neighbors season finale will make you laugh and cry!
April 11th, 2014 under The Neighbors

Tonight at 8:30p, The Neighbors ends it season with a very sweet and touching episode.
The episode picks up shortly after where last week’s left off. Larry Bird (Simon Templeman) is getting everyone in the community ready to return to Zabvron after admitting to defeat to his brother, DJ Jazzy Jeff.
Meanwhile Marty Weaver (Lenny Venito) tries to find out who the pregnancy test that he found in his bathroom belongs to. Is it his wife’s (Jami Gertz) or worse, is it his daughter’s (Clara Mamet)? Once we find out it isn’t theirs, attention now focuses on their neighbors? But which alien could be pregnant?
Now back to Amber Waever, did Reggie Jackson (Tim Jo) take the pill that makes him human? Is Dick Butkiss (Ian Patick) going to stay on Earth and go to Harvard? Or are they going to back to Zabvron to be with their family.
The Weavers decide that they can’t let their best friends leave, so they beg them to stay. But is it enough?
You will just have to tune in to this season finale to find out. Plus see the interesting way they end things that sets up for a completely different third season. If they get one, which they totally deserve. Please ABC or ABC Family, pick up The Neighbors.
Besides loving the wit that this show has, I love how they make fun of television and their status on it. Catch how many jokes they make on tonight’s episode. Also make sure to have the tissues ready because you will get choked up.


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