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[ # ] Kiefer Sutherland starts serving his sentence
December 6th, 2007 under Kiefer Sutherland, Mug Shot

Kiefer Sutherland was sentenced to 48 days in jail for drunk driving yesterday. After he worked out a deal that he would serve his time at a private facility in Glendale he turned himself in according to Entertainment Tonight
A spokesperson for Glendale police said:
"Kiefer Sutherland will serve all 48 days of his sentence. He will be in a cell by himself. It is not because he is someone special, but because anyone sentenced to a long period of time is in a cell by themselves. Kiefer will be assigned to laundry detail and kitchen detail. He will be working while he is here. He was very humble, accepts full responsibility and is committed to doing 48 days."
Good for Kiefer, for handaling his time like a man and just going in and getting it over with. Even though he had the option to turn himself him in by the end of March he turned himself in yesterday, by doing so he will be spending his birthday, Christmas and New Year's in jail.

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