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[ # ] Keanu Reeves is the Puppy King
March 17th, 2023 under Jimmy Fallon, Keanu Reeves

King Charles is the King of England. Leonardo DiCaprio is the King of the World. And Keanu Reeves in the Puppy King. Out of the three, I think Ted Theodore Logan’s is the best.

How did he get that title? Yesterday on The Tonight Show, he and Jimmy Fallon played Pup Quiz. It is a simple game. If you guess an answer correctly, then you get a yellow lab puppy to hold. If you get it wrong, then your opponent gets a puppy.

So, Keanu got all of his answers correct, and Fallon got all of his answers wrong. Therefore, the Matrix star got all of the lovable dogs and declared himself the Puppy King.

And with that, I have even more puppy love for the actor!

Oh, and I can’t believe Fallon tried to steal one of Reeves’ doggies. Didn’t he see what happened the last time someone took John Wick’s best friend???


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