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[ # ] Kathy Bates asks to hold Craig Ferguson’s balls
March 21st, 2012 under Craig Ferguson, Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates was on The Late Late Show yesterday and she baited Craig Ferguson by asking him, “you have anything that I can hold on to back there underneath the desk?” Now any other late night host would have just given her something and let it go, but the Scot is not like those other guys and straight out said “I have my genetials, how about that?”
The Harry Law actress didn’t know what she got herself into when she asked the question, but really what she meant to ask him for was his kangaroo balls that Carrie Fisher gave him. Well that lead to the CBS late night host giving her them and explanation about how human and kangaroo testicles differ. Something the Oscar winner and I didn’t know before that and I’m not sure we needed to. But it is a fun fact that you will now going around telling all the guys in your life why one ball is droopier than the other.


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