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[ # ] Karen McDougal on the 10 month affair she said she had with Donald Trump
March 22nd, 2018 under Anderson Cooper, Donald Trump

Back when Melania Trump was home nursing her newborn son, 2 women have said that they were having an affair with her husband. Stormy Daniels is going to tell her story to Anderson Cooper this Sunday on 60 Minutes, but Karen McDougal told hers to him tonight on CNN.

For an hour, she sat down with the anchor and told him how they met, how they carried out their affair, why she called it off and how her life has been since then. The two met when he filmed an episode of Celebrity Apprentice at the Playboy Mansion and she was a Playmate. They hit it off and he got her number. Next time he was in LA, she says he called her and they had a date alone in his bungalow. When she was got ready to leave, he offered to pay her. She was hurt that he thought that she was that type of girl and he told her she was special for not taking the money. Something Daniels also said happened on their first date.

She did not think she would hear from him again, but she did. For the next 10 months, she flew all over the US to be with him. She did feel guilty being with him because he was married, but she says they loved each other and he told her that all the time.

She was always afraid of it getting out and after 10 months of feeling guilty, so she broke it off with him. Since their affair ended, she did not think of talking about it to anyone. In 2011, she was being harassed by a few reporters, but denied the affair.

Then in 2016 when Trump was running for president, her friend was hinting about the affair publicly. At that point she realized she had to come forward and tell her story. She got a lawyer and he started to shop her story around. Even though she did not really want it to get out there. She says AMI was interested, but then dropped out. She was all ready to give ABC her story for free, but cold feet. When he got the nomination, AMI was interested again. She says they offered heath columns for her life story. They never kept their end of their bargain. Thus why she is talking to Cooper.

When it comes if she voted for him, she did because she is a die hard Republican. She is not coming forward now to ruin the president’s career, she does not want to ruin his life or her own.

She says she is different person now, she has gone back to her roots and her faith. She is coming forward now to get her truth out there and stand up for herself. She is not proud of what happened.

She has no regrets about her affair with him, except that he was married. She says he was always good to her. When it comes to Melania, she teared up as she told his wife, “I’m sorry.”

When it comes to how I feel about her interview, I believe her but I don’t have compassion for her. Not because she had an affair with married man, but she does not come off as sympathetic or likable. What did you think of the interview?


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