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[ # ] Justin Timberlake had bottles of pee thrown at him
February 14th, 2020 under Justin Timberlake

Back in 2003, Mick Jagger invited Justin Timberlake to play the SARSStock Festival in Toronto with The Rolling Stones and a few other bands like AC/DC and Rush. As soon as the *NSYNC star saw who is else was on the bill, he told Graham Norton today that he didn’t think it “was going to go well.”

He was right. Actually, he did not realize how awful it was going to go. As soon as he started playing, people in the first two rows started throwing bottles with urine in them at him. They wanted sexy back, as in any band other than him.

Since they were stuck with him, he kept playing, and they kept throwing. The singer said he was impressed with himself because he was able to dodge the bottles thrown at him. Now, we know where he gets his dance moves from, we call them Dodging.

To the question, did the concert-goers bring the bottles already filled with them? I am thinking not. When you see the aerials of the field, you realize there is no way the people in the front rows are going to get to one of those port-o-potties in time. Therefore, they make do with what they have. What did they have? Empty water bottles. Thus, they just filled them back up with the water after they were done using it.

Anyways back to Justin, after the first song, the host of the event, gave him an out if he wanted to leave the stage. He opted to stay and kept playing his whole set. After the second tune, they stopped. He is not sure if it is because he earned their respect, or they ran out of things to throw at him. I say it is a mixture of both with emphasis on the latter.

When it comes to that whole performance, he is still traumatized from it. If Jessica Biel ever gets mad at him. You know, for drunkenly holding hands with a female co-star. She now knows how to punish him; she can do it by throwing bottles of pee at him. That will teach him a lesson.

If you want to see a few bottles thrown at him during the second song, then


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