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[ # ] Justin Timberlake apologizes for his sad dad dancing
June 22nd, 2022 under Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams

The other night Justin Timberlake tried to do DC’s Beat Ya Feet Dance at Pharrell’s show, and everyone wanted to know when he was going to bring the sexy back. In other words, he became the viral joke of the day because his moves were whiter than Wonder Bread.

Today, the singer tried to get back in *NSYNC with us by releasing an apology video. “DC, I want to apologize to you for two reasons. Here and here [shows his feet.] I had a long talk with both of them individually and said, ‘Don’t you ever do that to me again,” Mr. Jessica Biel said. “Maybe it was the khakis; it was a real khaki vibe. I am going to make this up to you. I’m going to focus on these two guys right here and get them right.”

Let’s be real, Timberlake could never dance. Y’all just saw it for the first time because you are not under his trace, which I never got. Can someone please explain your infatuation with him to me because I never understood what you saw in him?

And talking about seeing, want to see his sorry attempt to dance, then


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