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[ # ] Justin Bieber is good at playing bad on CSI
February 17th, 2011 under CBS, Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber returns to CSI tonight at 9p on CBS reprising the role he guest starred as in the season premiere. He is one of the biggest singers in the world right now and let me tell you he doesn’t bomb in this episode. I mean his acting doesn’t blow, but his character…well just watch to see in this very explosive episode.
Bieber is a big part, but not the only part of the show that will have you at the edge of your seat. Langston comes face to face with Serial Killer Nate Haskell again, but this time instead of being behind bars it is an open courtroom. How will he handle seeing the man the man who stabbed him again?
Make sure to watch this episode all the way until end because something will happen in the final seconds that will definitely become a big part of at least one more future episode.
Oh and did I mention that Bieber was really impressive in the role, and yes it is documented I actually I said that.


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