Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Jussie Smollett breaks his silence to say he won’t be silent on #BlackOutTuesday
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[ # ] Jussie Smollett breaks his silence to say he won’t be silent on #BlackOutTuesday
June 2nd, 2020 under Jussie Smollett

Remember last year when Jussie Smollett said that he was racially attacked by white men, and Chicago police searched for his attackers. Only for them to say that they discovered that he hired two African-American men to do the alleged hate crime.

Since that reveal, he has mostly been silent. Today, on a day when people in the entertainment industry are having a day of social media silence in order to put down the phones and hold an online protest to denounce the injustice of Black people in American by criminal system, he decided to speak out.

He said, “I was confused exactly by what this #BlackOutTuesday meant. After watching what a few of our leaders, particularly our Black female leaders like Britney and Patrice, this #BlackOutTuesday was never meant for us to silence our voices. Social media has been an incredible tool to pulling the lid off of the lies and showing and exposing the truth. Something we have not gotten from the media. It is not the time for people to silence their voices. it is actually the time for white people to bear witness to our voices.

“With that said, time to vote…Get out and vote.”

I think Black people and white people can agree that we don’t care what he has to say. Well, I did because I posted it. But it is a slow news day.


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