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June 2nd, 2020 under Netflix

If you have watched Tiger King on Netflix, then you know that Tampa’s big cat owners Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin, have been feuding for years. Their feud got so bad that he hired a hitman to kill her. Now, he is behind bars for 22 years because of that.

Back in 2013, Exotic lost a $1 million trademark infringement case to Baskin, and never paid her the money. Well, now he is from jail, and he is not going to like the latest development in the case. That is because The Tampa Bay Tribune is reporting that a judge has ruled that Baskin is the now property owner of Exotic’s Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma to pay off the settlement.

The judge further said that Jeff Lowe, his wife, and all of the animalS must be off the property in the next 90 days. Baskin said if they cannot move the animals to their new location in time, she has found places that will take of them. Not in the same way that Exotic did. Besides being in jail for attempting to murder his arch-nemesis, he is also in there for shooting five tigers.

I can’t wait to see this episode play out during the second season of Tiger King.


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