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[ # ] John Stamos says he isn’t getting any
July 31st, 2014 under Full House, John Stamos

When we think of John Stamos, we think that the Greek Gd is getting all the sex he desires and so much more whenever he wants. Well, according to what he told Closer that is not the case. Uncle Jesse told them, “I think there’s an illusion about me. I’m flattered by people thinking, ‘Oh, he’s this playboy. He’s got a lot of girls and stuff.’” Then he added, “But I promise, I’ve had sex less than most people in this room in the last year or two!”
So what would we he do if he got a woman back to his house for a date. He told the magazine that he likes to cook and play music for her. So ladies, if that’s what you want. He is available.
I am sure there are many woman who are willing to help the SWM have more sex than all those people in that room were having combined.


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