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[ # ] Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter gave him COVID-19
May 2nd, 2022 under Coronavirus, Jimmy Kimmel

For years, Jimmy Kimmel has tortured kids with different stunts. Well, now they are getting revenge. That is because one of them gave his daughter, Jane, COVID-19, and she gave it to her daddy.

“Our daughter brought us covid (even though we specifically asked her not to) All feeling fine, I am double vaxxed and boosted but the show must not go on,” he wrote. “Apologies to @TomCruise & @iliza and thanks to Mike Birbiglia @birbigs who’ll be filling in for me starting tomorrow night.”

Kimmel is the last of the late night broadcast hosts to get it. Jimmy Fallon was the first one to get it, then Seth Meyers and James Corden, and last week Stephen Colbert tested positive.

I want to say that just like his ratings, he came in last. But he is not in last place, so that joke doesn’t work.

So in all seriousness, I hope he and his family are better soon.


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