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[ # ] Jimmy Kimmel talks about which stars stink
May 20th, 2024 under Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers

Last week,* Jimmy Kimmel was on Late Night, and Seth Meyers had some questions for his fellow late night host because that is what you do on a talk show.

Anyways, Meyers wanted to know if there is anything that Kimmel has noticed over his 21 years of hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live.

At first, the ABC host was like no. But then he did remember something. “One of the things as a talk show host that you get to experience that the home viewers do not get to experience is the smell of the guests,” Kimmel said. “And I’ve found that the worst-smelling guests are the best-looking guys.”

He then elaborated that some of these men who have been People’s Sexiest Man Alive have huge BO, and he is not talking about their box office numbers.

Kimmel and Meyers’ theory is that because they look so fuckable, they are trying to find ways not to be fuckable.

Neither host mentioned any names, so who do you think Kimmel is talking about? I am thinking Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey are at least two of the men they are talking about, but I am sure I missed a few.

But it wasn’t only about the male celebrities who stink in a bad way; it was also about the ones who smelled good. Kimmel said that the “best-smelling guests are the old guys,” like the late Don Rickles and Regis Philbin. Their scent is of Aqua Velva from the Cococabana days that Barry Manilow sang about.

I can see what he is talking about because the best-smelling male celebrity I ever got a whiff of was Wayne Newton. I smelled like him for hours after we met, and that was a good thing.

*I know this interview is old, but I don’t have the attention span to watch 15-minute interviews. So I didn’t see this on LNSM posted it on TikTok yesterday. Therefore, blame his social media people and not me for being late to the game!


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