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[ # ] Jimmy Kimmel is like the Smoke Monster and evil!
August 16th, 2010 under Jimmy Kimmel, Lost

Oh wait or was the Smoke Monster good and Jacob was bad, we never did get that answer did we… On that note Jimmy Kimmel Tweeted this picture of him making out with the Lost: The Complete Collection that he got a week before everyone else and he rubbed it in our faces. The talk show host said, “just got the new Lost box set – see you in 8 months” After seeing him get all kissy like that with the most wanted DVD box set of the year, I think it is going to take me 8 months to want to watch him again. It is like rubbing salt in the wound for those of who are anxiously awaiting our copy of it. The Blu-ray box set includes the highly anticipated The New Man in Charge which chronicles the life that Hurley and his #2 Ben lead after they took over protecting the Island and I have been waiting to see it since I heard aabout it.
Well at least these bloopers from the 6th season made me feel a little better, not much but a little.


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