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[ # ] Jimmy Kimmel finally got what was coming to him!
November 5th, 2015 under Jimmy Kimmel, Modern Family

For years. Jimmy Kimmel has used his show to torture strangers, mainly innocent children, and yesterday someone finally got to torture him.
Recently, he made a bet with Eric Stonestreet over which of their home teams would win the World Series. The ABC host was hoping our Mets would bring home the trophy and the Modern Family star was wishing the same for his Kansas City Royals. After 6 games, that title went to the Royals and the loss went to Kimmel. What did that mean for him? It meant that he was going to have to dodge paintballs being shot at him while he was in a Bouncy House for :30 second.
Yesterday, Stonestreet brought three of this year’s World Series winners with him and they came to collect on the bet. For half a minute, Kimmel endured being shot at by 5 paintball guns because Seth Rogen and Guillermo joined in on the firing squad. When the time was up, Jimmy looked like a modern art painting. The best part was someone nailed him right in the crotch! That would’ve hurt more if he wasn’t wearing a cup, but sadly he was.
So to the thousands of kids who had their Halloweens ruined because of Kimmel, I hope you enjoyed this treat. I know I did. I never thought anything positive could’ve come out of The New York Mets losing, but now there was something. That something was this.


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