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[ # ] Jesus Campos, the Las Vegas security guard, breaks his silence about that night
October 19th, 2017 under Admirable People

October 1st, the World was horrified when they heard that there was a shooting in Las Vegas aimed at an outdoor concert attended by thousands of people. With each passing hour, the news got worse and worse as we found out that 58 innocent people died and nearly 500 people were injured. We were sickened, saddened and angered. Then the stories came out about all of the heroes there were that night from first responders to the people at the concert to civilians who were passing by. It was the little bit of solace we needed to get through this tragedy.

There was one story from a hero we did not hear about and that was the story that Jesus Campos had to tell. Yesterday he told his side of the harrowing event that was about to unfold to Ellen DeGeneres. He is a security guard at the Bellagio who was just doing his job. That is until he got a call that would change his life forever. He went to check on door on the 32nd floor that was open for too long. He went up the stairwell from the floor below, but the door would not open. That is not supposed to happen, so he took the elevator to check out what was happening. That is when he realized the door was bolted up with brackets. He called engineering to check it out and that was when he heard what he thought was drilling. It turned out that it was gunshots and he had been shot. He called downstairs to let them know what was happening and did not even tell them that he had been shot.

At that moment, Stephen Schuck from engineering came up, and Campos told him to take cover. Saving his life. That was not the only life he directly saved that day, he also saved a female guest’s life who was coming out of her room. He told her to go back inside and she did. Then there are all the lives below, who were saved because he called in the shooting, stopping the f*cker earlier than he anticipated.

When Ellen offered the two men money, they refused it. Instead, she gave them tickets to their favorite sports teams and Shutterfly donated $25,000 in their names to GoFundMe page set up for the victims of that horrific night.

All of that makes him Campos a hero. But what sets him apart from a lot of other heroes, is just how humble he is. He did let them initially know that he was shot so that can work faster to get the shooter. Even though he was bleeding, he did not go to the hospital, so that he could help law enforcement. He did not take money that was offered to him. And most importantly, he does not comprehend all that he did that night and that he saved countless lives. He is not asking for credit, he just wants to be left alone to get over it. That is something we will grant him, but we will also never forget that this the face of a true hero. We need more people like him and we are glad that he was there night and will continue to be there for the rest of his life.

Thank you Jesus Campos. Thank you!


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