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[ # ] Jeannie Mai’s mom keeps finding her sex toys!
July 6th, 2020 under Sex Toys, The Real

Back in April, an orthodox married man I know told me he bought a Fleshlight to get through the coronavirus pandemic. He is not alone. A lot of people have been doing the same. More than normal amount of people who usually buy them. Therefore, it makes sense that the ladies from The Real talked about their recent purchases like The Switch.

Ever since the lockdown happened, Jeannie Mai has been living with her mom and fiance’ Jeezy in the same small house. That makes things a little difficult for the newly betrothed couple. They have to hide their rabbits and such from Mama Mai. However, she keeps finding them, and they have to come up with new excuses for what the toys are that she finds.

Personally, I think they should tell her about some of the contraptions they have. Maybe she will want to own one of them so that she can play with it when they are playing with theirs. Although, no child wants to have that discussion with their mom! No matter how open their relationship is with each other.

Have you ever had the sex toy talk with your mom? I haven’t, but I did have the condom talk with my dad.


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