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Jeannie Mai and Jeezy’s relationship got Real serious
April 6th, 2020 under The Real. [ Comments: none ]

Jeannie Mai/People

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy have some big news to share, they are engaged!

According to People, Jeezy was planning on popping the question in Vietnam this month, but the Coronavirus pandemic ruined his perfect proposal. Therefore, he decided to bring it to her on March 27th. He threw her surprise date night and decorated the house with Vietnamese decorations and cuisine. Then at some point, he pooped the question, and she said yes. Look at that ring, how could you say no?

The couple met on her show The Real in November 2018 and went public in August 2019. This is his first marriage and her second. She was previously married to Freddy Harteis, whom she divorced in 2017.


Tamera Mowry always has loud sex
March 26th, 2020 under The Real. [ Comments: none ]

Tamera Mowry made a pretty big confession today on The Real, she says that loud sex is “the only I do it.” Then she went on to explain, “When I have sex, I like the feel all the senses. And I like to let it caw caw…You got to let it out.” Talk about keeping it real.

Sometimes when they have sex in the morning (which she says is better), her husband, Adam Housley, covers up her mouth so she does not wake up their two kids, Aden 6, and Ariah, 4. The actress says that makes her even more turned on.

Now that her kids are getting older, Mowry better quiet it down. She is not going to want to explain to them why mommy was making really weird sounds in the bedroom with daddy.

Oh, sister, sister, what your mister, mister does to you to scream like that. You are very lucky.


There’s a good reason Angela Bassett does not do her driving stunts
December 2nd, 2019 under Angela Bassett, The Real. [ Comments: none ]

Angela Bassett is in fantastic physical shape. Therefore, you would think that she does her own stunts. The actress does some of them, but she does not do the ones that include driving.

She told The Real hosts why she opts not to do them. It all started when she took her first road test and failed for backing up too fast. The final nail in that coffin is when she was filming a scene for the movie Strange Days. That is because she drove into a telephone pole. How did she miss it? She explained, “I am backing up, looking behind, but I am going forward.” Thus, she has a stunt driver who does all of her driving scenes.

The moral of this story is not, what can’t Angela Bassett do. It is if you see her in a car driving, then get to safety. If not, then you might need to call 9-1-1, and I am not talking about her show. Joking, she is probably a driver than most of us. At least when the camera is not on her.


Jeannie Mai is a Sapiosexual
July 9th, 2019 under The Real. [ Comments: none ]

Jeannie Mai is very open about her sexuality and today on The Real she reveals that she is into Sapiosexuality. What is that? Is she into saps? Nope, she gets aroused by a man’s brain. She prefers someone with whom she can have a great conversation with. Or as she puts it, “If you kiss this mind, she [pointing down] will follow.”

She wants a man who can talk about the future and the good things that he has done for others including his family. She does not want a complainer or someone who is focused on his past relationships when they are in bed together. If you do the latter, then not only is your conversation dry, so is she.

Do you prefer a man who turns your on with his brain or with his little head? I have to admit I am attracted to a man at first because of his looks. However, if I cannot have a conversation with him, he could be the most gorgeous man on earth, but he won’t be to me anymore. I like a little substance behind those pretty eyes.


BTWF: Diedrich Bader on Fresh of Prince of Bel-Air
April 25th, 2019 under American Housewife, Before They Were Famous, The Real. [ Comments: none ]

Before Diedrich Bader was average-sized on The Drew Carey, he was the tall guy on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. How tall was the 24-year-old in that 1991 episode?

Bader talked about this guest-starring role on The Real today, to see what he said, then click here!


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