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[ # ] James Corden and Prince Harry tour LA
February 26th, 2021 under James Corden, The Princes of England

James Corden is close enough to Prince Harry that he went to his wedding to Meghan Markle. Therefore, when the Royal wanted a tour of LA, he called The Late Late Show host.

Corden picked up his buddy in a double-decker tour bus and went for a ride. On their outing, TAFKAP Harry revealed that why he left Britain. The press was too much for him and his wife. He felt that it wasn’t safe for them and their son, Archie, so he felt there was no other choice but to leave.

Even though he is no longer a working Royal, he will never stop living the life of public service. He made a lifelong commitment to that, and he never plans to quit that.

That makes him a Fresh Prince. What is even better, he knows the theme song to Fresh Prince and sang it when they visited the house.

They also visited a boot camp and got a workout. Although, Harry had no problem completing the course.

This was the perfect way for Harry to be introduced to America. We got to see what a laidback, warm person he really is. He is far from an uptight Royal. That is why we love Has so much. Oh yeah, that is Meghan’s name for him.



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