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[ # ] Jaden Smith needs to throw out his old dreadlocks
November 14th, 2017 under James Corden, Will Smith

Jaden Smith cut off his dreadlocks for a movie role back in April, and he has yet to part with them. He actually brought them to Met Gala as a fashion accessory a month later. Therefore, you would have thought that he would have thrown them out by now, but he has not. He actually brought them with him to his Late Late Show appearance yesterday and gave them to James Corden to hold during the show. Will Smith’s son likes to bring them to special occasions and he felt being on the CBS show was one of them.

Once Corden got his hands on the dead hair, he asked if he could have one. Not only did the host take one, so did Seth Rogen and Jason Segal. As Rogen was picking out his dread, he revealed that he had green dreads in high school. Not only that his mom still has them after all of these years.

To Jaden and Mama Rogen, it is time to cut the cut hair out of your lives. It is OK to throw them out.


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