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[ # ] It’s Supergirl and the Hulk!
February 14th, 2020 under DC Comics, Marvel Comics

Back in the ’80s, Lou Ferrigno played the Hulk (after transformation) and Helen Slater was Supergirl. The two superheroes never met because they are from two different Worlds.

Not Earth and Krypton, but Marvel and DC Comics. Now their two universes are colliding in Slugfest. Slater says it is an inside look into the “epic 50 year battle between Marvel and DC.” I wonder, who will win?

In the movie world, Marvel is the winner. However, on TV, thanks to Greg Berlanti, it is DC all the way. In your world, who is the winner?

I would love to see all the superheroes from the last century come together in an Avengers like movie. I am sure George Clooney would love to play Batman again.


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