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[ # ] It’s prank war time on Animal Control tonight
March 30th, 2023 under Fox, Joel McHale

On a past episode of Animal Control, Victoria (Grace Palmer) pranked Frank (Joel McHale) and made him think he had a shot with the Hot Vet. Instead, he wound up hooking up with someone else in the office that everyone hates.

Well, tonight at 9p, it is time for Frank to get his revenge on Victoria. He decides to put her apartment on the market, and he even got a realtor to show it while she was out.

Needless to say, she is not happy about it and swears revenge on him. He doesn’t know how or when, but it is going to happen.

Frank’s partner Shred (Michael Rowland), has some ideas about Frank and Victoria. He thinks that they use their prank war to flirt with each other. And Frank wants someone to knock some sense into him.

Someone will. That is because they go to call about a loud peacock. When they get there, some neighbors get into a fight with their neighbor over his noisy peacock, and one of them winds up hitting Shred in the head with a bag of melons.

Well, it looks like Shred probably got a concussion over that, so Emily (Vella Lovell) insists that someone watch him. Patel (Ravi V. Patel) volunteers to do it to get away from his family. Since Emily doesn’t trust him with Shred, she decides to stop over and check on them both.

While they are preoccupied with that, Frank and Victoria are on a stakeout to record the peacock making noise for three minutes straight. What is going to happen when the two of them are alone in a van all night?

I can’t tell you that. What I can tell you is that it is the best sitcom that Fox has produced in a really long time. We all need to laugh, and this show delivers that! Has Joel McHale ever done anything that isn’t funny?


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