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[ # ] It is a Mad World on tonight’s Psych and Curt Smith is talking about it!
September 1st, 2010 under Psych, Tears For Fears, USA Network

On tonight’s Psych Tears For Fears Curt Smith is making his acting debut in a very tough role…he will be playing himself. Yesterday on a conference call he talked about his role came about, what it was like to work on Psych playing himself and the songs we will hear from him during tonight’s episode on USA at 9p!

On how a chance meeting with Psych star James Roday at a TFF concert is how he got the part! He really is a fan boy like Shawn Spencer!
It initially came about that James and Tim from the show came to a Tears for Fears show at the Wiltern theatre in Los Angeles and then somehow managed to wangle their way backstage. I have no idea but security was very lax that night. And I was introduced to James in – backstage. And then he said, you know, would you come and do a guest spot on the show? And I thought well why not? The show is amusing. The kind of humor is kind of right up my alley because it’s pretty much chock full of sarcasm. So it seemed like a good thing to do. And shooting it was really – I actually was tweeting while I was up there and I think I summed it up in one sort of sentence when I said it was like being at a two day frat party which it pretty much was.
Yeah, that pretty much is – sums it up I’m guessing. Yeah. But that’s, you know, that’s kind of the way James is. And then he – the next thing he did was he came to my house to sort of talk seriously about it, this was after the concert. And I think it was about 90 degrees and he came up in his big, you know, skiing jacket and a woolen hat trying to look all cool in the baking sunlight. It was quite amusing. But we got on well was the main thing.

On playing himself:
I’m kind of playing more of a shrunken, smaller than life version of me. Because in real life I’m incredibly outgoing as you can tell. But in the show I’m kind of demure and quiet. No, I mean I think it’s, you know, I think that it’s a relatively fair representation of me I suppose. But no, I mean I – the exaggerating and the sort of overt acting I don’t think I’d be so good at. I think the whole point of playing yourself is to try and be yourself, you know, otherwise it just kind of looks a bit strained. And hopefully I didn’t do that. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night.

On performing Mad World during tonight’s show:
Well it’s going to get even bigger after tomorrow night when it’s in Psych also. But it will be the acoustic version of it, not to give the plot away or anything. But I mean it – it’s gratifying I guess. I mean it’s a testament to the strength of the song that it can be done in various different ways and it still has the same, you know, emotional draw.

On reinterpreting the Psych theme song:
Well taking cues from James primarily I made it as retro as I possibly could with some humor. So basically what we get is the visuals of the, you know, the closing credits and everything which the theme song goes over and then we play with that. So rhythmically you’ve got to match that so that it all kind of fits in and there’s an explosion and different things. So basically it was a mixture of going back to very old synthesizers and adding some humor to that as well which, it was actually a really enjoyable experience I have to say.

On why Roland Orzabal wasn’t on Psych with his bandmate:
So basically it’s – the timing and everything else kind of didn’t work. I mean it would have involved him having to come to us basically doing the recording trans-Atlantically which is not ever a good thing. Plus they were kind of – Psych were – had a very tight time schedule to deliver the song. And him – he hates flying with a passion, my partner. So the idea of him flying just all the way from London to Vancouver for a day and a half probably wasn’t at the top of his list of things I need to do because he’s the world’s worst flier.

I can’t wait to see him on Psych! I am psyched to watch the singer of one of my favorite songs sing act on one of my favorite shows. I know the combo will equal a fun hour of television tonight on USA at 9p!
BTW you can check out the interview I did with Curt Smith where he talks about almost everything else he has going on in his life!


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