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[ # ] Is this one of the weirdest answers on Family Feud?
April 19th, 2016 under Steve Harvey

Family Feud has had a lot of strange answers on the show, and this might be the strangest one of them all. Steve Harvey asked the contestants, “Name something that people tie up?”
After the two people at the Face Off did not guess an answer that was one the board, it was time to go to the families to see if they could to be better.
Something the host would quickly regret when he asked Kashyap for the answer. He proudly said, “Criminals to a railroad track.” What? Someone has been watching way too many Silent Movies because no one else would’ve guessed that answer. Was it up there? The game show judges stretched it to give it to him. How? They had, “People/Kinky Lover,” up there. It was not the #1 answer. Which is shocking because the only thing I tie up is my lover to the bed. Who are those 29 people who tie their shoes over the partner? What’s up with that?


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