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April 19th, 2016 under The CW
Maybe it is because I am obsessed with plagues? Or maybe it’s because I worked in the area that is quarantined in Containment. Whatever it is, I am obsessed with this horrifying CW drama that debuts at 9p tonight.
A patient comes into the hospital with a cold, and hours later his doctor is sick and coughing up blood. She isn’t the only one, so is her boyfriend and anyone who came in contact with them. This unknown virus, which has never been seen before, is 100% fatal. Also if you come in contact with someone who has it, you will show symptoms within hours and die a few hours after that.
The CDC is located a few miles away from ground zero, and they don’t know what they are dealing with. What they do know is that they have to contain it and contain it now. So they section off that part of Atlanta, and no one is allowed in and no one is allowed out.
The police and medical personal abandon their jobs. Businesses start hiking up their prices. People are wary of strangers and will leave the sick out to die. In fact, they will also leave the healthy outside to die in order to protect themselves. As the tension grow, anger is almost as deadly as the virus.
Now the people of a small but populated section of Atlanta have to survive, not only the deadliest virus in centuries, they also have to survive each other. Both of which are proving to be nearly impossible.
Imagine being the teacher (Kristen Gutoskie) of 11 year olds, including your son, and you get trapped with them in the hospital where the first patients developed symptoms and died. How do you protect them? How do you keep them calm? How do you remain sane and try to be strong around them when you know what it is really going on?
Imagine being a cop (Chris Wood) and you have seen what this virus can do firsthand. What if you were one of the only cops left on the force in all of this madness? Would you still do a job that no one is doing?
What if you were very pregnant teenager (Hanna Mangan Lawrence) and your mom runs one of the only groceries in the cordoned off area? She wants you to give up the baby and you baby daddy is trapped outside of the quarantined area. What if all of your friends were dead from the epidemic? What if people wanted to take over the store and kill all of you?
These are just three of the many people trapped in Containment.
As the episodes go on, you watch as the healthy people turn on each other instead of helping one another. The resources will run out and getting them inside will be more challenging than originally thought. Will anyone get out of there alive? We will just have to keep tuning into this even series to find out.
Today, I re-watched the first two episodes and it really scared the crap out of me. The concept of sectioning off a major city and leaving the people there to fend for themselves while a deadly virus is sweeping through it is just too much to imagine. Especially for me, thinking what it would be like to be trapped with my former co-workers most of whom I hated and who also hated me. That is scarier to me than the virus.
Actually just checked, my old job was just outside of the contained area. Now I can sort of sleep tonight.


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