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[ # ] Is this Andre’s last episode of Empire?
May 1st, 2019 under Uncategorized

Tonight at 8p on Fox’s Empire, Andre tells his dad that he wants to end his life on his own terms. While that is interesting enough, you want to know how they will handle their first episode without Jussie Smollett. As we know he was written off of the final two episodes of the show because his personal life was too much for the set. Well, I can tell you, they do not even mention him. His lack of appearance is not even addressed. They don’t even say he is on his honeymoon or anything.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about Andre (Trai Byers). He tells his dad (Terrence Howard) that there is nothing they can do for his heart and he does not want that to be how he dies. Lucious says he will do everything his power get him a new heart, but Andre’s mind is set. Will Lucious accept that as his world comes crashing down?

Andre decides that he wants to spend his last day alive with his girlfriend who he does not know is pregnant. When Teri (Meta Golding) tells him she has to work, he goes out with his mom (Taraji P. Hensen) instead. The two of them have a great day together, but that will change when it ends.

After Cookie leaves him, the FBI is there to arrest her. It could not have happened at a worst time because they also froze Empire’s bank accounts and no one is getting paid. How will the record label get the money they need to operate?

Before Andre left to be with his mom, he wrote goodbye letters to the people he loves most in his life. Will someone find them before it is too late? You have to tune in find out in a really powerful episode with a lot of surprises including a shocking ending you have to see. Do we finally find out who is in that mysterious coffin???


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