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[ # ] Is there really any hope for The Late Show turning around with Stephen Colbert?
May 4th, 2016 under Stephen Colbert

When CBS announced that Stephen Colbert was replacing David Letterman on The Late Show, I had high hopes for him. Then when he started to do pre-taped bits before the show’s launch, I couldn’t wait for it to debut. Then it did, and I couldn’t even get through the first episode. I shut it off during his first interview which was with the pompous George Clooney.
As I did with the other new late night hosts, I started watching his clips online to see if there was anything to post. He was the first one of them that I couldn’t watch any of his online videos all the way through. In fact, I could barely even watch up to a minute on 90% of them. They are unwatchable. And if I can’t even watch :60 seconds of his show, how am I going to get through 60 minutes? I can’t.
Well, a few weeks ago, he got a new Show Runner from CBS news, and I thought maybe the show would improve. After not watching any of his viral videos since the new guy took over, I thought I would give the above video a try. It was painfully awful. No offense to Dakota Johnson, she can’t handle comedy. Not that there was any in this short of Colbert pretending he didn’t know anything about the movie she was there promoting. But if you are going to attempt something like that then do it with someone that can do funny.
Any hope I had of this show turning around are now gone. I think it is time for CBS to bite the bullet and look for his replacement. I am sure Comedy Central would take him back with open arms since their two new guys are doing just as bad as him.
I know I am not alone with my distaste of his new show. A lot of people who watched The Colbert Report have also turned him off.
I know that Seth Meyers had a tough first year, but he now has one of the strongest late night shows on television. Unlike Colbert, Meyers was always a strong interviewer. Colbert has nothing going for him.
Sorry Stephen, I tried. I can’t don’t do it anymore. You really need to evaluate what you want to do next because this is not for you.


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