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[ # ] Is Susan Lucci really 70 years old?
February 15th, 2017 under Are they really their age?, Susan Lucci

Susan Lucci is in the Caribbean on vacation and she decided to soak up the sun while she is there. If you are going to lay out, then you are going to want to wear something that doesn’t cover a lot of skin and shows off your body. Even though, she is 70 years young, she has a body of someone in their 20’s. Look at those legs, who wouldn’t want to have them. They don’t look like she has been walking on them for 7 decades, instead they look like someone who found the fountain of youth and have been dipped in them ever since.

Seriously, doesn’t she look beyond fantastic, so much so you can’t believe she truly is the age her IMDB page says she is?


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