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[ # ] Is it worth $144 million to keep Simon Cowell on American Idol?
June 30th, 2009 under American Idol 1-5, Simon Cowell

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The Guardian is reporting that Simon Cowell was offered somewhere between $100-$144 million to stay on American Idol for season 10 and I don't think in these economic times anyone is worth that amount of money. 
A source close to Fuller says that Cowell has already been offered three to four times the $36m he was paid for American Idol in 2008 – but then, he is the most important person on the show and the series makes $900m a year and attracts audiences of 25 million. The point is that Cowell makes nothing more than this admittedly large performance fee and that's the gap the Green deal hopes to fill.
While I understand that Idol brings in $900 million a year, Fox affils are laying off people left and right and maybe if Fox put some of the money back into the company and not into Simon Cowell's pocket more people would still have their jobs and not collecting unemployment. 
Don't get me wrong, I love Simon and I want to keep on the show but is anyone worth that amount of money? Do you think he is worth over $100 million to keep him on American Idol?

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