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[ # ] Is Colin Farrell’s manscaping story worth $10,000? YES!
May 8th, 2017 under Colin Farrell, Ellen DeGeneres

Colin Farrell is on Ellen today and Ellen DeGeneres offered to give $10,000 to his charity of choice if he told a never before heard story that is worth that amount of money.

He agreed because he would do anything for his son’s school, CHIME Institute, that has done so much for his child. Since the actor isn’t shy, he has no problem sharing a story about the first movie he did in the US back at the turn of the century.

Back when he was filming Tigerland, he had to do his first sex scene and he was very nervous. He asked the film’s director, Joel Schumacher, “‘Is it a bit?’ Because, like most men, I had what you could refer to as ‘retro bush’…and Joel, the director, went, ‘Oh.'”

Thus, the actor ran into the hair and makeup department and asked to borrow their beard shaver. He went to trailer and shaved some off the right and then the left. He looked and realized he took too much off of the left, so when back to the right side. He kept doing this until he was left with a pinky sized landing strip. Which is why we didn’t see him do full frontal in his American debut. Damn that beard trimmer!

And with that story, CHIME Institute is $10,000 richer. Which was well deserved because not too many actors would share a story like that with anyone else, let alone on national TV. Heck, I would like to see Ellen match the $10,000 because that tale is worth so much more than that! Don’t you agree?


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