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September 14th, 2017 under American Idol 9+

Back in May, ABC announced that they hired Katy Perry to be a judge on American Idol. Now almost 4 months later, they have not hired anyone else to sit next to her. According to TMZ, time is running out to find the other 2 judges and it might cost them their $25 million girl.

TMZ says that they are just weeks away from filming the auditions with the judges and they need judges to film those auditions. If they do not find anyone to sit next to her, then they might have to delay filming and Perry is already committed to her tour. That means they might have to lose her if they cannot find any other judges to fill those seats. If they lose her, then they will have more money to pay the likes of Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. The latter is reportedly balking at his $6 million offer and who can blame him? I think he is worth more than Perry. Country does better with Idol’s viewers and he is still hot while her career is starting cool.

Even though, it sounds like Idol is in trouble. This is not the first time, they have gone this late to find judges and it all worked out in the end. They have also had guest judges during the audition phase and they can do that again. Letting Perry continue her tour and still remain with the singing competition. It is all not dim at this stage.

But in general it is. But we will talk about that, once we know what shows it is against and what other reality shows ABC is planning on airing in the Spring. Two factors that will definitely hurt the show that no one was asking for to return so quickly but ABC.


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