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[ # ] Is Aaron Carter HIV+?
September 14th, 2017 under Backstreet Boys /Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter was on The Doctors to talk about his health after his DUI arrest last month. One of the things they wanted to find out, is if he is HIV+. Many people think that he is because he is so skinny, and he wanted to find out if he is indeed positive. Turns out he is negative, but the doctors told him that his immune system is so compromised that he needs to make it healthier or something simple can make him very sick. Will he heed their warning? We do not know.

According to TMZ, they say the show asked him to go to rehab to better himself and he refused. There is video of them to talking to him about it and he seems to say he is too busy to go. Which I think he should reconsider. His health is more important than a tour.


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