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February 26th, 2008 under Harrison Ford

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is kicking it back old school according to JoBlo. What do I mean when I say that? So you know how I have been praising the New Beverly Cinema where The Greats of Roth festival has been playing, because all the movies are shown in 35mm and there is a certain feel that you get with 35mm over digital. Well looks like I am not the only one because it is rumored that Indiana Jones 4 will only be distributed to theaters in the 35mm format which means a lot of new theaters will not be able to show the movie.
I really hope this rumor is true because after seeing Carrie and Zapped! in 35mm at The Greats of Roths it reminded me how good old school movie theaters and 35 mm films are. And Indy needs to be shown at its best!!!

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