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[ # ] Imagine going on a blind date while playing GSN’s Idiotest
May 17th, 2016 under Game Show Network

Let’s be honest with each other, we have all been on a blind date. Those dates are normally awful, but at least you aren’t doing it in front of a live audience with millions of people watching at home. But tonight at 10p that is exactly what 4 people are going to do as contestants on GSN’s Idiotest.
Not only do they have the pressure of going on the first date with someone they don’t know, they also have to compete on game show for $10,000. Can they handle being under pressure?
The first couple is cool chick Codi Lane and hunky Cody. Does having the same first name mean they have an advantage and an instant connection? I am not exactly sure who she had a better connection with, her blind date or the host. Will that work against them?
Then there is Mike and Natasha who are too adorakable for words. I don’t know if the producers knew it when they set them up, but they are made a match made in heaven. This couple is so perfect together; you know they are eventually going to get married. Will they have a $10,000 head start thanks to the game show? Will they ask host Ben Gleib to marry them?
But like I said, this is a game show and it is not only about finding love. That is a just a bonus for tonight’s themed episode. Last week, they were Undateable and this week they are dateable.
Back to the game show, I love the way it makes you think. They show you a picture and ask you question about it. The answer seems obvious, but most of the time it isn’t. It is a trick on words and images, and you have to use your noggin to get the correct answer. You feel so smart when you get one right and feel like an idiot when you get it wrong. Thus, the name Idiotest.
Even though, you should feel like an idiot, you still find yourself loving every minute of this game show. Especially, when they throw some loving into it like they do tonight. You don’t want miss love happening right before your eyes, do you?
Like all game shows there is host, and Ben Gleib is perfect for Idiotest. Tonight there is a great moment when he finds out that Natasha has a great laugh. He asks to hear it and she tells the comedian to make her laugh. Even he is feeling the pressure tonight, how will he stand up to that challenge? All I will say is that he’s taking it back old school and that will make you laugh with them. Especially when you hear her really adorable chuckle.
Make sure to tune in for tonight’s Idiotest that is as joyful as pizza and unicorns.


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