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[ # ] I’m not bullsh*tting you, Bullsh*t the Gameshow brings excitement back to game shows
April 27th, 2022 under Howie Mandel, Netflix

Howie Mandel has a new project out on Netflix now, and it is all about bullsh*tting your way to $1 million.

What? Bullsh*t the Gameshow is not your ordinary trivia game show. Yes, the contestants have to answer trivia questions, but they don’t have to get the answer correct. Instead, they have to make one person believe they got it right.

Let me explain it better. Mandel asks the main contestant a question, and they secretly guess the answer out of four multiple choices. Once their response is locked in, they have to explain to three people why they chose the way they did.

They will say something like I picked A because I grew up in Miami, and I remember the ad that mentioned that very fact. However, they grew up in NY and have no idea if it is right or not, so they bullsh*tted my way through the answer. If the contestant was convincing enough, then the three people they asked will believe them. If at least one person believed them, then they get to move on to the next question and money amount. If no one believed them, then they go home a loser.

However, there is one thing that changes that all. Let’s say the guessing Gds were on their side, and they miraculously got it correct. Then they move on, whether any of the three thought the main person knew what they were talking about or not.

So, as I said, they move on to the next money amount if they got it correct or someone believed their BS. The money amount starts at $1,000 and goes all the way to one million dollars. They have the option to lock in an amount just in case they don’t make it to the top prize. This way, they can go home with that locked amount as compared to nothing at all. They can also leave at a dollar amount if they are afraid that the three people are on to the way that they lie.

The three panelists get to explain why they think the person is telling the truth or why they believe they are lying. They explain to the main person what they believe are that person’s tell or how their story is categorically false.

They are also marked on how often they were able to tell if the person was truthful or not. And there is an interesting reason why. That reason is because the most accurate person replaces the bullish*tter. And then they are on the way to try to win the grand prize. So it is a rotating round of contestants.

Wait, it gets even better. Bullsh*t is not like other game shows where there is a winner at the end of each episode. The 10-episodes are basically one long episode. So that means just because an episode ends doesn’t mean the bullsh*tter’s time is over. It continues on like a Soap Opera.

It is a game show made for the binging world. It truly is the first game show that you can binge in one sitting because it is like a 5-hour movie. And I love that concept.

And I also love Howie Mandel in the role of host of this show. You can tell he is having a blast saying bullsh*t as much as possible, and he says it over and over and over again. This showed me and will show you that game shows need more cursing. I mean, I counted him saying it 447 times.

Now, how did I, as a viewer, feel watching this series? At first, I was trying to guess the real answer to the question. Boring. Then I tried to tell if they were bullish*tting us. A little more exciting. And finally, I was like, how could I BS my way through the situation. The latter was the most exciting.

So if you like learning trivia, you will learn a lot. I know I learned a lot, but I have a lot to learn, like the correct way to pronounce Dr. Suess’ name. If you want to learn how to detect a BS artist, you will learn that t0o. But the thing you will learn the most is that game shows can be fun again.

But then again, I could be BSing you with this whole post. There is only way to tell, and that is to watch Bullsh*t the Gameshow on Netflix now.


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