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[ # ] If only this happened during Donald Trump’s St. John’s Church photo op
June 3rd, 2020 under Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel

I grew with my mother’s side of the family being orthodox. I went to a religious high school (by choice) until I got kicked out for being too secular. In college, I was a religious studies major, even though most of my teachers wish I wasn’t. As you can tell, religion is important to me, and I believe everyone should practice what they want and how they want. I just don’t think anyone should tell anyone else how to do it. Believe me, I still get that from some of my family members.

Another thing I hate is when people fake being religious for personal gain. For example, when Donald Trump used pepper spray, rubber bullets, and military force to get the peaceful protesters to vacate the area in front of the White House for a photo op in front of St. John’s Chruch across the street. Trump held up a Bible upside-down and backside forward for the press to appease his Evangelica base. Instead, he infuriated several religious leaders, including the ones associated with the church and Pat Robertson. You know he is in trouble when that happens.

Back to the photo op., even though Trump was surrounded by cameras, he never opened up the Bible and read anything from it that might calm the anger in America right now. That is because he doesn’t care about religion. Yet his worshippers think his sent from Gd. He literally did a Jim Jones and told them to inject disinfectant to get rid of coronavirus, and they still believe he is the next coming of Christ. Have they not read the ten commandments recently?

I do believe he is a Christ, the antichrist. That is why I was surprised nothing happened to him as he held up the Bible. While in reality, it didn’t. However, Jimmy Kimmel Live showed us what we wanted to happen. I have been saying he didn’t enter the church because if he did, he would spontaneously combust. The church, sadly enough, suffered fire damage from disgraceful looters and didn’t need any more sufferening.


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