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[ # ] I wonder if Big Mike was truly eliminated yesterday?
April 8th, 2010 under American Idol 9+

I love conspiracies, so here is my latest one. So it is looking like for the second week in a row Dancing with the Stars will beat American Idol in the ratings and Fox is justifiably nervous. The show also had its lowest performance night since its first season on Tuesday in the overnights and that is not a good thing because we still have several more weeks in the competition to go and Fox doesn’t want those numbers to decline any more. So what is the best way to get people to watch again after an extremely boring season with lame contestants, the loss of Paula Abdul who was replaced Ellen DeGeneres who is basically a dud and the upcoming departure of Simon Cowell who is the only reason to watch? Well you could get one of the most popular contestants, who is not being named as a possible winner, have him be eliminated and then have the judges save him so that there can be a double elimination the following week. So why is next week so important? Glee is back and they need to make sure after a four month hiatus the much hyped show can still do well in the ratings. After watching that episode I can tell you it is excellent, but is word of mouth enough to get people to watch? They really need those American Idol fans to stick around and watch, but if is no one is checking out AI will people change the channel mid-way through Lost or miss who is going home on The Biggest Loser to watch Glee return? I have to admit my DVR is set to record Glee, but no way I am missing Lost for Glee. Plus they really need to get the ratings up next week because I don’t think having Adam Lambert act as their mentor, who is so last season, will be as big of a draw as 19 Entertainment would like him to be.
Now back to Big Mike, although the judges love him and he had the great story of missing his daughter’s birth because of Hollywood week, I think he is quite boring and can see him being in the position that he was in last night. But there are a lot of other contestants I could see going before him and shocked that they are still there because I can’t even remember their names or that they still are on the show.
So basically my conspiracy theory is that they Big Mike was on the chopping block so that the judges would save him and we would have a double elimination next week to help the ratings for both American Idol and Glee. Or I could just be talking out of my a$$ and need to stop watching shows about conspiracy theories like Who killed JFK? Did a Kennedy kill Marilyn Monroe and Who killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman? OK well the last we know…


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