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[ # ] David Beckham is really earning his Golden Balls nickname
April 8th, 2010 under The Beckhams

Victoria Beckham has nicknamed her husband Golden Balls and now he is really earning that title in the bedroom. Posh Spice wants her own little Spice Girl after three boys and she is forcing her husband to have sex not once, not twice, not thrice, not four times but five times a day. Becks who is off the field due to an injury is definitely getting plenty of exercise and it is leaving him exhausted. A friend told The Sun “He’s not complaining. But with all the strapping on his foot just getting about is hard enough, let alone bedroom gymnastics five times a day. Vic is desperate to get pregnant and has a timetable for sex. From what David’s said it basically means he must produce the goods whenever it’s possible and be on continuous standby. He’s exhausted and is just trying to get his energy back for Victoria’s return.” At least when it is time for him to play again he will have the stamina for it. That and he will probably want to get away from his wife to get some rest. For once in his life he will get more rest on the soccer field than in his own bed. Hopefully for him Victoria will get pregnant soon so that he will still have some golden balls left. Good thing his is not doing any more underwear adverts because he might not have anything left to show at the rate they are going at it.


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