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[ # ] I Want You To Want to watch Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
March 29th, 2020 under NBC, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
Every now and again you watch an episode of a show, and you say this deserves an Emmy. Tonight’s episode at 9p of NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is one of those episodes.

Zoey (Jane Levy) and her family get the news that they have been dreading. The medicine her father (Peter Gallagher) has been taking no longer works and he only has a few months to live. As the doctor is explaining that to them, Zoey retreats into her own world. One where her power of hearing people’s most intimate thoughts becomes her own reality.

As she is walking to work after that appointment, a woman asks the stunned Zoey if she is OK. Zoey responds by doing a song and dance number to Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy. There is only one problem, it is not all in her head. She is actually singing and dancing all by herself in front of people who have no idea what is wrong with this Crazy lady.

Luckily, she has Max (Skylar Astin) to navigate her through it. She is going to need the help because she will be singing six songs tonight. Three of them are love songs to the men in her life.

Wait, I said too much. Zoey has a lot on her plate with her dad’s grim diagnosis, the CEO coming into to hear about Chirp, a glitch in their latest software, and she can’t stop singing and dancing. You can say that is a lot of Pressure.

Can she figure out how to stop singing and dancing before it costs her everything like her job, her friends, her crush and her dad? You are not going to want to miss this extraordinary episode for this season’s best new show. What else do you have going on? It is not like you can go out. Therefore, watch as Jane Levy sings her way into an Emmy nomination.


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