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[ # ] I want Kevin Bacon that way
March 23rd, 2021 under AJ McLean, Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon likes to sing to his kids. Not the ones he had with Kyra Sedgewick, but the goats he has on their farm.

In his latest performance, he sang I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys. However, this time he wanted a different opinion than the baad ones he gets from his sheep. Therefore, he asked A.J. McLean what he thought of it. To see what that BSBer said, then

In the case video wasn’t clear enough, here is what A.J. McLean said, “bro I honest to go never thought your do it and you did. Your a legend amd thank you sir. Hell yeah y’all let’s go!”

Bacon is a legend, and I am getting a Footloose vibe here because he is wearing the collar up on his jacket and a button-down shirt. So everybody cut loose and sing with him. You know you want to do it. I want it that way too.



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