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Kevin Bacon sings Beyoncé
February 29th, 2024 under Beyoncé, Kevin Bacon. [ Comments: none ]

Kevin Bacon likes to serenade the animals on his farm with music. And yesterday, he decided to belt out some Beyoncé with his wife, Kyra Sedgwick.

So, what tune did they do? Single Ladies? Crazy in Love? Halo? 16 Carriages? Nope! It was Texas Hold ‘Em. And I think the Bacons are going to have a busy summer because their animals are drunk in love and are going to make a lot of babies after that rendition.


Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick are couple goals
November 9th, 2023 under Kevin Bacon. [ Comments: none ]

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have been married for 35 years, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at them.

He is still there to dry her wet dishes. And even better, they still like to dirty dance in the kitchen. And that keeps the marriage hot. Especially when that dancing leads to them going to the bedroom. At least, that is where I assume they went.

Seriously, if I ever get married, I want to be like the Bacons and have a sizzling marriage.


Kevin Bacon and Kenny Loggins get Footloose
November 6th, 2023 under Kenny Loggins, Kevin Bacon. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since 1984, we have been watching Kevin Bacon dance to Kenny Loggins’ song Footloose, the theme song for the movie with the same title.

But I don’t think we have ever seen the actor sing the tune with the singer. But that all changed on Saturday when Bacon joined Loggins on the stage in Santa Barbara for the final date of not only his This Is It tour but also his career.

What a way to go out!

Too bad Loggins is done touring because I would love to see him hit the road with The Bacon Brothers.


Kevin Bacon’s loose feet were his downfall
May 3rd, 2023 under Kevin Bacon. [ Comments: none ]

Kevin Bacon found an old pair of rollerskates from 1976, and he decided to give them a spin. Even though they were two sizes too small, he was still able to skate like he dances.

I thought to myself, is there anything he can’t do? And then we found out. Yes, there are things he can’t do.

Because after two successful songs, he said, “And one more, cause I’m still standing,” stood up, and fell on his butt.

So maybe he should stay off the wheels for another 45 years because he needs to protect that cute butt.


David Bowie studied Kevin Bacon
March 3rd, 2023 under Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Bacon. [ Comments: none ]

Musicians all over the world idolized David Bowie. The singer transformed himself all the time and created music that will last for generations to come.

One of the musicians who was enamored by Bowie was Kevin Bacon. When the actor met the iconic musician at a party, he was in awe. Little did Bacon know that Bowie would say something to him that would leave him speechless. And it is something related to speech.

The Footloose star told Jimmy Kimmel yesterday that Bowie said to him, “I watched a lot of your movies to learn how to do an American accent.” As soon as he processed what he had just heard, his jaw just dropped. Whose wouldn’t? That is a massive compliment because who wouldn’t want to be the inspiration to their Rock Gd?

On a Bowie/Bacon note. Is it just me, but could you also see the actor playing the legend in a movie about to Rock icon?


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