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[ # ] I hate Desperate Housewives’ Marc Cherry
December 6th, 2007 under Desperate Housewives, WGA Strike

Watch with Kristin we will not find out who did until after the WGA strike ends.

Sources tell Krisitn Marc Cherry & Co. have already shot the next episode, but they are holding it until after the strike ends to keep fans guessing and make sure they return to the show when it’s back on the airwaves.

Marc I know you sat at the negotiating table before the strike, but if you take to long to air the episode I might not return. If I thought that Sunday’s episode was the last one written and shot before the strike, I wouldn’t be so hateful. But the fact that he is holding it really pissed me off. I say to ABC and Marc Cherry air that episode if you have it, think of the fans you want to keep and not lose.
BTW I never thought I would say I hate Marc Cherry because I love anyone who worked on Golden Girls! But holding back an episode to us loyal fans who watched three years of crap leading up to Sunday’s episode is just wrong.
OK I feel better now that I vented, here is a great death from the episode…one of the three deaths that is rumored to have occurred during the show.


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