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[ # ] I didn’t think it was possible to love John Cusack more than I already did, but I do!
March 23rd, 2010 under Craig Ferguson, John Cusack

Yesterday the John Cusack was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and I saw a whole new side to him I never saw before. Cusack was naturally funny and played along with everything the late night host did. One of Ferguson’s big things is to do an awkward pause at the end of the interview, well the Hot Tub Time Machine star decided he wanted to do it mid-way through instead. While the two sat there not talking to each other and doing some not for TV stuff with some Purell, Cusack one upped Ferguson. But don’t worry Craig got him him back. You have to watch that interview not only to see how, but to have a whole new love for John Cusack like I do!!!
John Cusack can say anything, but as you can see what he (ShockZulu) Tweeted about his appearance on the show he can’t spell everything!

for the record the bleeped launguage was me asking if you could say shit eating whore on tv.. love craig ferguson– kost insane man on tv
wildly inelligent funny as hell and completly nuts– there was no pre interview– he just goes… love him.. massivly talented guy.
i want craig skeleton army here!… ow do i send craig a message?

Even though he can’t spell worth a crap, I still love him!!!
BTW he also went a Tweeting rampage trying to get women to see Hot Tub Machine when it comes out this Friday, and I can tell you this is one lady who will be there and I know I am not the only one of the female persuasion to watch the man who had us when he had a boombox over his head!!!
Finally here is part two of that interview that wasn’t as genius as the first!


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