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[ # ] Hot Ones: The Game Show brings the sweat, tears and vomit
February 18th, 2020 under Sean Evans Hot Ones, TruTV

I am a sadist who loves to drink hot sauce. Therefore, Hot Ones: The Game Show is like porn to me. Find out why it has me so excited tonight and every Tuesday at 10p on TruTV. I am pretty sure you have seen Sean Evans’ webseries Hot Ones, well the game show is loosely based on it.

Before the first question is even asked, the two teams that consist of two people, have to eat a very hot wing. Then they proceed to answer three questions without anything to numb their mouths. On tonight’s series premiere, one guy throws up before the commercial break. Will he be able to continue on? There are medical advisors on the show to determine if he can.

The second round is a repeat of the first round, but with a hotter wing. As the sweat pours out of their pores, they have to ask themselves is it worth it to go to the third round. For that round, they do not have to eat a wing before it starts. Instead, they have to take a big bite of a very hot wing if they get the answer correct. The team with the higher score goes on to the Ring of Fire.

That is when they have to do a shot of extremely hot sauce that turns your a$$ into a fire-breathing dragon. Since breathing out of their mouths in nearly impossible because of the pain. It does not help their lips and tongues that they are going to have to scream to their teammates through a huge ring of fire to win the grand prize. If they win this round, then they win $25,000 and as much milk they want. I hope they are not lactose intolerant because man it is going to burn coming out in so many ways.

It is rare I say I want to be on a game show, but this one is calling my name. I just want to try the sauces. I am up to tolerating Haberno without a problem, so I want to see how painful it is.

That and this show is a lot of fun to watch. You get to see the contestants are in so much physical pain. Is it wrong to enjoy that? I don’t care. What I care about is how much I love this game show.


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