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[ # ] Holly Marie Combs explains her stance on the Charmed reboot
February 9th, 2018 under Revivals-Reboots

Last week, The CW announced that they are once again working on Charmed reboot. Once again, Holly Marie Combs expressed her dissatisfaction about it. Some outlets have said it is because of two of the things that they have describe the reboot to include. They are feminism and lesbianism.

Yesterday, she took to Twitter and explained herself. She said, “I think I made it abundantly clear that I have a few issues with the reboot. The CW including a lesbian character isn’t one of them. But now that we’re on the subject. Calling it a “twist” in a marketing release is a mistake and part of a bigger problem than too many reboots. But y’know the 1st press release gave the reboot a feminist ‘twist’. So. Yeah. Let’s just all hope the actual script is filled with characters that are regarded and treated as equals in their effort to inspire a new generation. And that @TheCW fires their marketing dept soon. In closing…. We wish them well. Again. 🔮”

She also told the outlets to look up the first lesbian teenage kiss, because she is one of the two actress who took part on it. She kissed a Alexondra Lee on Picket Fences in 1993 and she liked it.

What do you think of Charmed reboot?


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