Seriously? OMG! WTF?Heather Mills might get some help from Paul Mccartney’s stepsister? - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
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[ # ] Heather Mills might get some help from Paul Mccartney’s stepsister?
December 3rd, 2006 under Paul McCartney/Heather Mills

It seems that Heather Mills may be getting an inadvertent ally to back up her claims of domestic violence at the hands of the legendary singer, in the form of her estranged hubby Sir Paul McCartney’s stepsister Ruth. Mills’ lawyers are reportedly in talks to buy a set of tapes recorded by Ruth, in which she claims that her stepbrother once pinned her to a wall and screamed at her. The tapes are being sold by Beatles writer Geoffrey Giuliano who interviewed McCartney with a view to writing her autobiography. Talking to the Daily Mail, 46-year old Ruth, who runs an internet fan club site from her home in Los Angeles, California, admitted that not only could Macca be "mercurial", but also that his first wife Linda was a "nosey cow" and "snoop". "All I would say is that Paul can be mercurial. He’s like the weather, if you wait long enough, it will change from sunny to stormy. He is a man with a huge ego who has been used to having his own way for decades. I can only speak from my first-hand experience of him and I know that he can explode in rage and then be a gentle soul the next moment," the Daily Mail quoted her, as saying. Ruth McCartney, who was adopted by Macca’s father Jim when he married her mother, also revealed that there had been a time when the singer pinned her to a kitchen wall and screamed at her for wanting to join showbiz. "Mike (Macca’s brother) was about to release a song called Dance The Do and I went and auditioned for Granada Television in London as a back-up dancer in the group and was given 50 quid. I was so pleased with myself that I went straight to Paul and Linda’s house and blurted out how proud I was," Ruth recalled. "Paul’s face clouded with rage. We were in the kitchen and he pinned me up against the wall, with his left hand above me and his right finger wagging in my face. Then he went nuts. He told me people only wanted to know me because I was his sister; that guys only wanted to date me because they thought they would end up hanging out with a Beatle playing the guitar," she said. Ruth also revealed that during that ten minute rant, Macca had called her a "spotty teenager" and told her she was "worthless". He also advised her to give up the dream of following in his footsteps and instead to marry a rich old man and have kids. "He told me I was a spotty teenager, that I was worthless. He ranted for ten minutes. He yelled and told me all sorts of cruel things, but he meant it for the best. I felt emotionally battered," she said. "Paul would blow hot and cold when he did drugs. He could be lovely one moment and nasty the next," Ruth revealed. And while negotiations for the tapes are said to have been stalled between Mills lawyers and Giuliano, their release is sure to put a dent in Macca’s ‘good guy’ image.


Why did his stepsister feel the need to tell that story to the biographer? Seriously I could never stab my family in the back like that, could you?


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