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[ # ] Haunted Museum brilliantly reimagines the story of possessed artifacts
October 3rd, 2021 under DIscovery Networks/Discovery+, Eli Roth

Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans owns a museum full of haunted artifacts. He knows a little bit of the story behind them, but not all of it. Along with Eli Roth, they reimagine the story of the items in Haunted Museum that streaming on Discovery+ now.

Together the paranormal investigator and the horror director give each artifact a biopic. We get their origin story as best as Bagans knows it to be and fills in the holes with Roth.

He imagines the stories of Peggy the Doll, the Devil’s Rocking Chair, Charles Manson’s cursed television, an antique mirror with an evil attachment, the Westerfeld dollhouse, a wooden tribal cursed statue, “spiritual equipment” that may be a portal to a demonic dimension, the Demon House staircase and the infamous Dybbuk Box.

On the premiere, he looks into the history of the Westerfeld Dollhouse, which resembles the haunted house that some say may be a portal hell. The mini-likeness is also said to be one. Bagans details what he thinks happened to the family when they owned it.

In the next episode, a woman manufactured a spiritual box that helps her communicate with another realm. What happens when it works, and she makes contact with a demon. That is what Bagans wanted to know, so he creates a dramatization of what he knows of the item’s history.

On October 9th, an innocent rocking chair is not so innocent. There is a demon inside of it, and it has possessed a boy. His family is doing everything in their power to get their son back, but is that even possible? The sheer terror they went through is documented in this chapter.

Unlike most paranormal dramatizations, where the host keeps interrupting the story and repeating things over and over again, Bagans doesn’t do that. Instead, he does the introduction and lets the short movie play out before he comes back at the end to wrap up the story.

It is like getting a horror movie based on a true story every week. One you don’t even have the leave the house to see. As scary as each short film is, they are also intriguing because what we are watching actually happened. They say that truth is scarier than fiction, and this is the perfect mix of both.


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